City Garden

Azerbaijan / Baku

The common landscape area has been evaluated as a kind of recreational area.

Children, young and middle-aged individuals, parents, elders → Function distribution has been made for the recreational needs of all age groups, and the use of the area is 100% disabled-friendly.

The biggest feature of our project, which is located in one of the busiest areas of Baku, is the average green area of 21 m²/flat within the complex of 3,252 flats, and 63% of the landscape area is located on natural ground.

Considering the beauty of large and wide green areas as well as the ease of operation and maintenance, a controllable level of bush settlement has been made. Shrub species are preferred in recreational areas, near waterfronts, in formal and flower gardens, in and within the borders of sports and playgrounds. The general green texture is reinforced by afforestation on grass and meadow areas.

There are 3 main entrances to the buildings. Controlled access to the site was given from the middle of the 1st Stage, 2nd Stage and Trade Block. In addition, special secondary entrances are designed for pedestrians.

Project Year
Construction Area
5000.000,00 m²
Parcel Area
210.208,00 m²
Project Category
Mixed Use
Designed Projects
Architecture, Interior Architecture, Landscape, Static, Mechanical, Electrical, Infrastructure, Acoustic
Coordinated Projects
Architecture, Interior Architecture, Landscape, Static, Mechanical, Electrical, Infrastructure, Acoustic
Projects Stages
Concept Design, Permit Drawings, Construction Drawings & Details
Private Sector

Covered open kitchen areas are planned to serve the grass picnic areas located towards the water at the beginning or end areas of the water areas in the form of ponds. There is an open kitchen on one side of the circular picnic area and a scaffolding system extending over the water on the other side.

With the layout of the buildings, vehicle circulation planning, courtyard gardens are formed between the buildings. These gardens are handled as private pocket gardens at the entrances of the buildings. Each courtyard garden has been given a special language according to the region in which it is located.

A more open green area is planned on the part of both stages facing the square area. The main pedestrian axis passing through these areas merges with the resting areas that are lost in the vegetation.

Outdoor bicycle parks have been added to the edges of the pedestrian paths between the blocks, close to the building entrances. Cycling and Walking trails run parallel to each other apart from other promenades. A green band of 1 m was added between them.

Vehicle roads are located at a distance of 13m from the buildings and dedicated gardens for the ground floors have been added. A visual distinction is made between the garden and the driveway with ornamental pools.

In the transition zone from the trade block to the common area, the ornamental pool changes its character and emphasizes the square area and the entrance.

In the form of a pond, lodges have been added to the edges of the ornamental pool, which is at the focal point of the middle landscape area, for water watching and having a pleasant time. There are seating units for 3-4 people in the lodges and mini gazebos with roofs have been added to protect them from the sun in summer and from precipitation in winter.

With the effect of cultural habits on landscape design, regional formal gardens were added to the modern and contemporary layout. It is placed at the focal points of the common landscape areas at each stage. These gardens are placed at specific points in the area for navigating.