Ab-i Hayat Healing Waters Complex

Azerbaijan / Baku

The Ab-ı Hayat project, located in the Bibi Heybet region of Baku city, which has the healing spring waters of the past on the shore of the Caspian Sea, has been developed as a concept project within the scope of the thermal complex. The thermal complex, which has a total land area of ​​21,724 m², is designed as two zones.

Project Year
Construction Area
18.381,00 m²
Parcel Area
21.724,00 m²
Project Category
Hotel, Spa, Restaurant & Entertainment Area
Designed Projects
Architecture, Landscape
Coordinated Projects
Architecture, Landscape
Projects Stages
Concept Design
Private Sector

The hotel building with 124 rooms, which is one of the primary functions in the 1st zone of the land with a high slope, has an area of ​​​​15,130 m². The hotel is located in the south of the land, oriented towards the unique sea view. The restaurant areas, which is another of the main functions, with a total closed area of ​​1,917 m² and large terraces, are gradually reduced in accordance with the slope in the north of the land and are planned to have various concept restaurant units. The restaurant units designed at three different levels are positioned according to their concept. The wide terraces in this section both provide connection between restaurants and offer users the opportunity to experience the space at different levels. The spa and treatment center is also designed to operate independently within the main hotel mass.

A fully pedestrianized street has been designed on the axis connecting the hotel and restaurant units to the beach. This pedestrian axis, called Alaçatı street, forms the focal point of the complex. This pedestrian axis was also designed as an important design decision in order to strengthen social relations. One of the main ideas of the project is to bring the users to the beach via the green-trade axis where shopping areas, cafes and restaurants are located with this street. This circulation trace is intended to be noticed both at the scale of the layout plan and with the user experience.

In addition to the concept of accommodation and health, meeting the needs of daily users is another main goal of the project. In the 2nd zone, which is designed to serve this purpose, open and closed beach activity areas are planned. It is aimed to bring users closer to the sea in this region, which is located by the sea, with various pools, aquapark, playgrounds and large recreation areas.