Baku Fit

Azerbaijan / Baku

In the mixed-use project located in the historical city center of Baku city, there are different functions such as residential, commercial and office units. Residential areas, which are the main functions in the project, are 13 blocks and 2 residence blocks, with a total area of ​​89809 m², while the total area of ​​​​commercial and office areas is 14491 m²

Project Year
Construction Area
104.300,00 m²
Parcel Area
48.100,00 m²
Project Category
Residential, Commercial and Offices
Designed Projects
Coordinated Projects
Projects Stages
Concept Design
Private Sector

In addition, large landscape areas are designed to provide different needs. In order to design maximum public space in Project area, pedestrian circulation was taken into the land by 28.May Street, which has more intensive use at the periphery of the area, and this axis was integrated with the hybrid road. The trade axis created on the ground floor is formed within a fiction that feeds each other with the neighboring hybrid road.

The inner courtyard, which was designed and closed to the passage, providing privacy and reserved for residential use. At the northern point of the project area, a cultural center is planned to strengthen social interaction in the region close to the historical train station.