City Garden

Baku / Azerbaijan

Located in Baku, Azerbaijan, City Garden Project consists of 29 blocks in total. The trade blocks in the project are facing the main access road and are designed at a height of 2 floors. There are activity areas, recreation, cinema and workshop areas in the landscape area. The basement floor is designed as a parking lot.

Also in the project, there are playgrounds, gazebos, pools, lounge, jogging and cycling tracks, open kitchen, workshop, picnic area, orchards.


Project Year
Construction Area
5000.000,00 m²
Parcel Area
210.208,00 m²
Project Category
Mixed Use
Designed Projects
Architecture, Interior Architecture, Landscape, Static, Mechanical, Electrical, Infrastructure, Acoustic
Coordinated Projects
Architecture, Interior Architecture, Landscape, Static, Mechanical, Electrical, Infrastructure, Acoustic
Projects Stages
Concept Design, Permit Drawings, Construction Drawings & Details
Private Sector

The typology of buildings are as follows; residential areas, commercial plinth, health department and the Mall which has social amenities. These typologies are constructed according to the use case scenarios of the users of the project. There are 29 residential complexes, 4 educational complexes, 42 commerce units, 1 health unit and 1 Mall complex, which all have
been designed with the target audience in mind. The main elements of the layout can be defined for their purposes. The commerce units are extroverted since they are situated on the axis which provide access to the city and they are planned
with a strong connection to the transportation axis. The health unit is situated as a continuation to the commerce unit and provide services both the residential users and external users.

The common landscape area has been evaluated as a kind of recreational area.

Children, young and middle-aged individuals, parents, elders → Function distribution has been made for the recreational needs of all age groups, and the use of the area is 100% disabled-friendly.

The biggest feature of our project, which is located in one of the busiest areas of Baku, is the average green area of 21 m²/flat within the complex of 3,252 flats, and 63% of the landscape area is located on natural ground.

Considering the beauty of large and wide green areas as well as the ease of operation and maintenance, a controllable level of bush settlement has been made. Shrub species are preferred in recreational areas, near waterfronts, in formal and flower gardens, in and within the borders of sports and playgrounds. The general green texture is reinforced by afforestation on grass and meadow areas.

A more open green area is planned on the part of both stages facing the square area. The main pedestrian axis passing through these areas merges with the resting areas that are lost in the vegetation.

The main principle in the space is green cover, sky and silence.

Special gardens with cherry trees symbolizing seasonal transitions, birth, death and fruit have been added. These orchards are planned within certain limits for maintenance and yield control. Cherry species grown in the region will be planted in these gardens. While it heralds the spring with its flowering, it is thought to be a pioneer in the cherry picking festivals and feasts in the site in the summer months. In winter, it will have an art exhibition effect with its sculptural body.

At each stage, there are flower gardens adorned with gazebos, where local flower species will be exhibited.

In the 2nd stage, there is a mini garden consisting of only aromatic plants.

In the 1st stage, a garden hidden between plants and trees was created. This garden, which is dominated by a quiet and green texture, is mostly planned as a reading area.

Large sports fields have been added in both stages. For noise control in the area, the sports fields are placed in an average of 2 meters of burial. By placing an amphitheater and a viewing area in the burial areas, the level difference was solved with steps. Separate transitions have been added to the area with ramps and stairs.

A multi-purpose sports field has been added in the middle of the field. (Basketball, Volleyball, if desired, tennis can also be played by lowering the volleyball net for training purposes)

There is a skateboarding track in the buried area on the sides of the area. The walls allow sports activities such as darts, climbing, etc.

At one end, the grass activity area also serves as a stage for the amphitheater. At the other end, there is an open-air fitness or 3-pole basketball field placed under the trees in front of the wall and the wall.

Considering the number of children that can live in each stage, playgrounds are placed where the game elements are together. Access to the playgrounds is provided from all pedestrian roads. Its surroundings are limited by bush groups and afforestation. Recreational areas and pergolas have been added for parents. The game elements are placed in groups according to different age groups in an area of ​​​​approximately 500-600 m2 and are separated from each other by fence and hedge plants. Organic forms and a natural layout principle are adopted for the fun of the game and for increasing the perceptions. In addition, game elements for music production have been added. Staff selection will be made to allow disabled children to play in the same environment with other children. The entertainment in the place is increased with floor games. It is planned to place interesting colourful objects in green areas near the playgrounds, which will increase the artistic perception. The materials of the game elements will be mainly natural wood and metal. Plastic products are not preferred.