Gunesli Mixed Use

Azerbaijan / Baku

It has been designed as 5 different flat types in 3 different residential blocks. There are a total of 21 residential blocks of 3 different types and 1910 residential units.


Project Year
Construction Area
206.000,00 m²
Parcel Area
73.154,00 m²
Project Category
Commercial & Residential
Designed Projects
Architecture, Interior Architecture, Landscape
Coordinated Projects
Architecture, Interior Architecture, Landscape, Static, Mechanical, Electrical
Projects Stages
Concept Design, Permit Drawings, Construction Drawings & Details
REA Group




22% of the flats has been designed as 1+1 flats with open kitchen, 42% as 2+1 flats with open kitchen, 27% as 2+1 flats, 8% as 3+1 flats and 1% as 5+1 flats with garden. Commercial units consist of 6 independent units and has been designed as 3 different plan types.

The total landscape area is 56 900 m². Landscape Design includes Vehicle and Pedestrian Roads, Outdoor Parking Lots, Ornamental Pools, Jogging and Cycling Tracks, Sports Fields, Recreational Areas, Urban Furnitures, Playgrounds.