Gungoren Sport Complex


The project has been designed in a congested parcel of 25,000 m² in a very dense residential area in the centre of Güngören. The intense need program of the complex was designed by solving it with a composite carrier system due to the location and dimensions of the project parcel.

Project Year
Construction Area
35.000,00 m²
Parcel Area
25.000,00 m²
Project Category
Designed Projects
Architecture, Static, Mechanical, Electrical
Coordinated Projects
Architecture, Static, Mechanical, Electrical
Projects Stages
Permit Drawings, Construction Drawings & Details
Gungoren Municipality

The complex has a closed area of approximately 35,000 m², and the full Olympic swimming pool on the ground floor and the basketball hall with 3000 spectators on the upper floor are planned to overlap the carrier system openings.

Adjacent to the complex, there is a football stadium with a capacity of 3000 spectators in the open area.

Open and closed areas are designed under an integrated shell, creating a dynamic facade design that provides structural integrity.