Sabail Residence

Azerbaijan / Baku

The design intent is to preserve existing trees and integrate it into functions. With this approach, circulation is shaped. The pools on the sides of the roads create a trace to the internal circulation path. In addition, the roads are suitable for the entrance of vehicles such as firefighters and ambulances in mandatory situations and provide unhindered access. In the landscape design, natural materials such as natural stone and wood, which are compatible with the architectural project, were preferred.

Project Year
Construction Area
12.472,00 m²
Parcel Area
4.893,00 m²
Project Category
Commercial & Residential
Designed Projects
Architecture, Interior Architecture, Landscape
Coordinated Projects
Architecture, Interior Architecture, Landscape, Static, Mechanical, Electrical
Projects Stages
Concept Design

A triangular square was designed in the centre of the area. Artistic objects that complement each other are placed on the three sides of this square and these areas have become focal points. The effect of these artistic objects in the square is strengthened by lighting, and the lightings represent the seasonal transition with the colours they reflect. Artistic objects used together with the relaxing effect that water features offer an attractive view to the user.

Areas have been created with every age group in mind and functions have been developed accordingly.

The trees in the area are asubstantiall element for the design, and under the tree seating units are placed under the existing trees. A wooden platform was placed between the existing pine trees and an area where people could do activities together was designed.

The designed open-air fireplace area allows people to come together and have a pleasant time, especially in cold weather and in the evening.

Red perforated panels are designed to hide the transformer area in the area and to provide this in an aesthetic way. These panels are loaded with different functions such as vertical garden and climbing walls. The children’s playground is on a wooden platform surrounded by this red panel. This area offers experiential activities to children, and sitting areas are designed for parents to watch and rest their children. In addition, the 3 meter high climbing wall used in this area both closes the transformer area and provides a fun activity area for children.