Sinpas Finans Sehir Time Stage


The Focus…

Individual differs in time and place.

With the Time project, it is aimed to design a combined project where life is not lost in time, the moment can be lived, the limits of time are forced and used in the most efficient way.

Project Year
Construction Area
55.910,00 m²
Parcel Area
10.179,00 m²
Project Category
Commercial & Residential
Designed Projects
Architecture, Interior Architecture
Coordinated Projects
Architecture, Interior Architecture, Landscape, Static, Mechanical, Electrical, Infrastructure
Projects Stages
Permit Drawings, Construction Drawings & Details
Sinpaş GYO

The Scale…                   

Two different scales were taken into consideration while designing Time: City Scale and Human Scale


At the city scale, the symbolic perception of Time has been worked. The clock designed on the facade of the building can be seen and perceived from various parts of the city. The architecture of the building is designed to emphasize this symbolic feature.

In human scale, the project is in communication with people at every point where it intersects with its environment (the square where activities can be performed, shops, markets, cafes and restaurants). In the borders of time, there are places that support both the urban and the neighborhood concept such as the butcher, grocery store and market of the neighborhood instead of walls. An open and flexible life concept has been created for the city, which can meet all its needs within itself.

The Square…

As environmental design, “square” is the focal point of the social domain. The square is aimed to be the meeting point of residents living in Time Residence, Time Apartment, Time Office, Time Shops, Time Villages buildings that appeal to different user groups. In addition, the project is completely pedestrianized in terms of transportation. It is planned for pedestrians to reach their homes by visiting shops, cafes and markets instead of being in an absolute space without encountering a vehicle.

Structural Decisions…

The aim of the project is to find oneself in an active area of action and socialization when entering the Time Residence from the main square lobby.

The place and material decisions given were chosen from natural materials that support this. The building has started to feed itself with various functions by taking into itself the dynamic structure of the city with different residence types.