Sinpas Finanssehir Park Stage


The future of the Finans Şehir Park Stage concept is ‘CITIZM’. It surrounded the square areas where the mass of people living with the identity of the city would lead a life.

The residences, which are not limited by walls but have safe private landscape areas, have been designed with a new neighborhood setup intertwined with the city.

The stage, which consists of 8 blocks in total, includes 500 residences and 6 commercial units. Thanks to 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 and 4+1 flat types and rich landscape design, it can meet the different needs of users. The open-air library, gastronomic gardens, activity areas, playgrounds in the landscape areas serve the residents of the site.

Project Year
Construction Area
68.245,00 m²
Parcel Area
19.691,00 m²
Project Category
Commercial & Residence
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Architecture, Interior Architecture, Static, Mechanical, Electrical, Infrastructure
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Architecture, Interior Architecture, Static, Mechanical, Electrical, Infrastructure
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Sinpaş GYO

Finansşehir Park, which contains many places to use open and green spaces in the most enjoyable way, offers the opportunity to live in harmony with nature with its fruit, olive and gastronomic gardens, workshop gardens, large grass activity areas, open-air cinema, recreational areas, open-air library, playgrounds, and ornamental pools.

The Open Air Library we designed for the park stage is an important structure that adds value to the project.

The main purpose of the “Open Air Library” design is to interpret the use of the library, which will increase the reading and research habits of people, according to today’s lifestyle and make it a part of life again. It is also to create a workshop environment where users can do various activities.

The objectives we have set for this purpose are;

Making libraries accessible especially in big cities, transportation is a very important criterion in accessing equipment. If we consider the metropolis of Istanbul, access to libraries is a very important issue.

Developing Z generation neighborhood relations; Another objective of ours is to improve the neighborhood relations of the z generation, which adopts more individual living conditions compared to the x and y generations, with the use of the library. Providing a socialization environment suitable for pandemic conditions. Contributing to socioeconomic sustainability.

Finans Şehir Park landscape projects are designed by Spiga Peyzaj. The project, which is one of the best examples of the combination of the local lifestyle with the modern, provides a quality life experience with large green areas, reflecting and ornamental pools, plant labyrinths, modern and functional recreational areas, cycling tracks, the stage and the amphitheater surrounding the stage, bridges connecting the venues, themed playgrounds, modern urban furniture and sculptures.