Tashkent Hotel

Ozbekistan / Tashkent

Located in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, the 3-star city hotel project consists of a single block. It has a capacity of approximately 119 rooms. It has areas such as lounge bar, restaurant, meeting room, fitness-spa, pool, indoor and outdoor car park.

Project Year
Construction Area
9759.96 m²
Project Category
Designed Projects
Interior Architecture, Landscape, Static, Mechanical, Electrical
Coordinated Projects
Architecture, Interior Architecture, Static, Mechanical, Electrical
Projects Stages
Concept Design, Construction Drawings & Details
Private Sector

Modern textures, colours and materials are generally used in the common area interiors. In the interior spaces such as lounge, lobby, restaurant, wall designs are used and dynamic fiction is reflected by supporting the occupancy and void ratios with lighting. Modern preferences are used in the selection of mobile furniture.

There are standard, suite and family room types. Fixed designs are generally used in the rooms. Green tones and warm wood texture are dominant. The interiors are designed for family and individual use.