Private Villa

Azerbaijan / Baku

In addition to 6 bedrooms, living room and kitchen, functions such as indoor pool, children’s playground, Turkish bath, sauna, steam room and sports room have been added to the project, which has a magnificent and stylish design concept in the interiors.

Project Year
Construction Area
1.733 m²
Project Category
Designed Projects
Architecture, Interior Architecture, Landscape
Coordinated Projects
Architecture, Interior Architecture, Landscape, Static, Mechanical, Electrical
Private Sector

The living room design is enriched with a gallery space in accordance with the concept and the same design line is exhibited in all spaces. A holistic and stylish design has been created with the selection of materials, mobile furniture and lighting elements.

Room layouts have been designed in the most appropriate ergonomics considering the floor plans and family use.

In the winter garden design in the landscape area, unlike the other interior designs in the project, a more natural and simple design approach was exhibited in accordance with the landscape and facade design.