Zeytinburnu Ambarlar



There are more than 50 gates in Istanbul, known as the city of gates.

A new life fiction is planned by opening a new door on the land located on the D100 highway in the Zeytinburnu region. Various functions such as residence, trade, office, student dormitories, hotel, hospital, school are included in the land of approximately 156.000 m².

Project Year
Construction Area
539.285,00 m²
Parcel Area
156.233,00 m²
Project Category
Commercial & Residence
Designed Projects
Coordinated Projects
Projects Stages
Concept Design
Private Sector

As a result of the land analysis, squares were placed at 4 focal points in the middle and these squares were connected to each other by pedestrian axes, and commercial areas were built on these axes. In this way, the distinctions between public and private spheres began to emerge in a natural way. Different functions such as offices, student dormitories, hotels and hospitals are housed on the plinth blocks formed by commercial areas.

All commercial blocks have been planned as green roofs and special landscape areas have been created for these blocks. For the residential part, a design with a courtyard was made and special landscaping areas were created with zoning.

Throughout the project, there are 429.500 m² of salable area, including approximately 270.000 m² of residences, 45.000 m² of trade, 17.000 m² of offices, 47.000 m² of student dormitories, 18.000 m² of hotels and 32.500 m² of health units.